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Business Tourism

 This type combines the corporate travel industry and the meeting industry, including business trips (business trips) of businessmen and entrepreneurs, and event events. Business tourism plays an important role.




The main goals of business travel are:

  • to hold meetings and negotiations with partners;

  • to hold meetings with management and staff of branches and subsidiaries;

  • to establish business relations and to network;                           

We are offering to you:

  • Organization of business trips in Turkey, ensuring participation in conferences, forums, exhibitions, and training, including a full range of related events: hotel reservations, villa reservations, transfers, etc;

  • Selection of events on demand and by subject.

  • Organization of conferences pertaining to the subject of your business;

  • Registration of international contracts with them (Legal assistance, a translator at will);

  • Event venue search, confirmation of dates, hotel contract management;

  • Reception of delegations from different countries, registration at hotels, transport services;

  • Corporate tours for you and your employees, including individual;

  • Organization of business trips of any duration and complexity;



We are ready to make every trip of your company unforgettable and unique.
For us, there are no templates and no frames, for us there are only your wishes.

Sefli Group
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